“No problem~! I’m the strongest chain of the Abyss, so of course I have to show others who the boss is!” Alice laughed, not even realizing that she had never mentioned anything at all about chains in front of Erio and didn’t notice that this might confuse her.

“An.. oven, huh.” She murmured, after her friend had returned with the ingredients and thoughtfully looked around. She never had spend many thoughts on where food came from or how you made it, because others had done this and not she herself, so this was kinda complicated for her. Alice knew what an oven was, but it wasn’t something she could smell, so finding it didn’t sound easy.

“Is.. an oven really necessary? Can’t we just eat it like this or order someone else to make it?” 

How funny that she suggested this, when she was the one who wanted to be independent and not relying on others too much.

Erio smiled shyly, and began to explain. “I’d love to eat it just like it is, but dough has raw egg in it. If we eat it now, we’ll get sick! And that’d be terrible. Raw dough doesn’t really taste all that good either. And the pizza is better when the cheese and sauce are melted together anyway. Maybe if we look around and see if there are any restaurants around, we might be able to find an oven to cook it in!”

That was as good as Erio’s ideas were ever going to get, and she had no idea if there was even ovens around here. Well they did have dough… and pizza sauce… So they probably have an oven somewhere!

"Just what direction should we go in first..?" Erio asked skeptically, looking back and forth.

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Quickly she turned around to her friend as she returned and listened to what she had to say. The shop she was at was pretty useless anyway.  And wow Erio really seemed to be scared. And for some reason it made Alice kind of angry.

“J-just wait here a bit! I will handle this!” The girl was already angry, so her voice already was louder than usually, though this wasn’t directed to Erio at all, but Alice could never hide her true emotions.

No one dared to scare her friends! She didn’t have many of them anyway, but like hell she would let anyone harm them! Friends were her property, so she was allowed to do this, but definitely not others.

It didn’t take Alice long to scream at this shopkeeper, leaving a surprised look on his face. Hah, it wasn’t the first time someone underestimated her because she was a young girl. Well, she also didn’t need long to make clear that she wouldn’t let him get away with what he did and as he tried to make her shut up, she was about to destroy the entire shop, so in the end he was the scared one and quietly apologized to her and agreed to what she wanted.

With a grin on her face, Alice returned to Erio.

“No problem anymore! We can get now what we need and I thought it’d be best if you do this, since you know more about this stuff than me. This old dumbass won’t be mean to you anymore!” Because Alice had been more mean to him, which was his own fault. 

Erio stared in an amused way as Alice had completely devoured the shop keeper’s “tough guy” act.

"Woah. Cool! You were so cool!"

Erio smiled at Alice catching both of her hands and making that smile even bigger than it was before.

"Th-thank you. For protecting me, that is."

Erio muttered the sentence quietly, beginning to blush as she let go of Alice’s hands.

"And now! Time to get the ingredients!"

Erio stalked over to the guy, giving him a mean look, which seemed to intimidate him now that Alice had gotten him under her mercy.

Erio picked up all she needed for the pizza ordeal and bounded back up to Alice.

"Now… We just need an oven. I’m not sure if they have those here though?" Erio made her statement into a question, looking a bit confused in the general direction of Alice.

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Alice followed where Erio was pointing to and stared to the marketplace. Well, usually there were tons of food at a market and usually this stuff was good, so even if they wouldn’t find the things they actually wanted to, it couldn’t hurt to stop by there.

“You’re really great, Erio!” 

Oh look, what an honor that she was praising someone else but herself, especially considering she had only just met her. This aside, a character trait Alice has always lacked was patience, so she couldn’t help but starting to run and dragging her friend along with her, though she had the feeling the other was okay with this.

“Let’s just take everything we would like to eat, okay?”

And again someone was forgetting what money was, but Alice had never cared about this and if someone would try to get in her way, she would gladly kick them away. She’d also do the same for Erio, she was now her friend after all and friends did this for each other.

G-g-great? Erio felt her heart race with pride at the other girl’s admiration. It made her feel really good inside, especially because she really liked Alice, and she had admired Alice as well.

"O-okay!" Erio grinned, rushing up to the first place that seemed to have an okay amount of food that looked good.

"H-how much for this..?" She stares at the dough, eyes sparkling.

"Trade for it." The shopkeeper had said, in a stern voice. Erio looked over at Alice, who was at another shop, and then looked back.

"I don’t have anything to trade." Erio’s voice was quiet and faint.

"Then you can’t get it." The shopkeeper was  quick to respond, pointing in a direction that screamed "get out."

Erio stalked back over to Alice, trying to explain what happened.

"I didn’t have any luck. But! I did find an ingredient for pizza!! But.. Then again… The man at the shop shooed me out for not having money or anything to trade for it. It was really scary!!"

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The last thing anyone needed to worry about was hurting Gale’s feelings, seeing as that assumption meant that he actually had feelings. Still, he couldn’t help but feel like these were merely… things he had forgotten, memories once like a song stuck in his head were now a tune of which he could vaguely recall a few notes.

Perhaps the girl would aid in either remembering the entirety of the things he’d lost—or perhaps he would realize that they were nothing but distractions that did not exist or matter any longer.

They’d only managed to continue on in silence for a few minutes before the pile of junk. Gale, to make the matter worse, had slowed his pace to take in the sight of what seemed a never-ending tumble of apparently random items. 

And then Erio had bumped into him from behind. 

Surprisingly, he hadn’t jumped, only taken a step forward and turned around to face her.

He might have looked angry but, well, that was just his natural expression. “Is there a problem?” That was probably as close to concern as he would get.

With a quick glance over his shoulder, he added, “Do you think we should examine this further?”

"N-no! There isn’t a problem. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking."

Erio giggled, trying her best to hide her embarrassment for being such a klutz at the time.

"But yes. I believe it is quite a suspicious place, the pile ahead."

Erio nodded, trying to distract herself from the stupid thing she had just done. Wrapped up in thought again, Erio mindlessly followed, with enough subconsciousness to avoid running into Gale once again. They finally reached the mound of junk, and of course, Erio noticed the strangest thing closest to her first, and bounded to it. Woah! It was a small spaceship figure. How cute! Erio smiled madly, glancing up at Gale and then finally raising her arm up high with the spaceship being held so tight in her grip that it could almost break.

"Gale! Look! It’s a spaceship!" Erio smiled even wider in triumph.

"Ahh!! This is so exciting! Maybe we can even find something from where you came from too!"

Erio continued trudging through stuff for a second before beckoning Gale to come see something weird she had found.

"Hmm. I wonder what this thing is…?"

Erio stared intensely at the weird object, then at Gale, in a questioning manner. 

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Hm, this pizza really sounded tasty and actually there was nothing else Alice wanted to eat more right now. After all there was also meat on it, it had to be wonderful!

“Then, this is our mission for now! Finding those ingredients and making a pizza! No matter how dangerous it will be to do this, we have to or else our lives don’t have any real meaning anymore!”

Alice was probably taking this too far, it was just about food, but to her this topic had an importance like hardly anything else had and to her it was normal like this.

“Let’s go!” Being the enthusiastic person she was, she grabbed Erio’s hand and pulled her along with her, because otherwise it wouldn’t be fast enough for her.

Alice had tugged Erio on for a while, before Erio could really realize that they were so close. Erio smiled at the warm, different feeling of being close to someone she liked. The excitement boiled over that feeling though, as they had finally reached a market like place. It could be possible.. That they had things to make pizza there.

"Look! Over there!" Erio pointed gleefully with her free hand into the general direction of the marketplace. "There might be something good to eat over there. And maybe pizza ingredients!"

Erio almost wanted to bolt, but she stayed close to Alice, remembering the fact that their hands were almost glued together.

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someone one!! [open|intro]


Once more startled by a sudden voice, Popura turns to the said voice suddenly, nearly smacking the girl with her large ponytail. Seeing what she had nearly done, she bows down, apologizing to her.

“Waaa, I’m so sorry! So sorry!! I’ll p-pay for the damages!”

“I’m really sorry!”

Examining the blue-haired girls body, Popura checks to see if she had hurt her or not. Seeing that she hasn’t, she sighs in relief, and smiles. The small girls listens patiently to the girl talk, she had much to say didn’t she… and also quite a strange figure, with denpa waves. But Popura had found a fellow Japanese to talk to! This was a great development!

Maybe they could find their way home together, yes, what a great thought!

“Waa, I’m so sorry about how I acted, you’re Erio right?” Nodding to herself happily, she introduces herself with great enthusiasm. “I’m Taneshima Popura! You can just call me Popura, Erio-chan! Mmm, I think we’ll be great friends!”

Maybe Popura had finally found someone who would treat her like her age, and not her height. Hopefully Erio will become her kohai, that sounded wonderful to Popura’s ears. Even if Takanashi was her kohai, rarely did he treat her like a sempai. She’ll finally have someone to look up to her, and see her as a role model! Her dreams were about to come true.

But first comes first, she needed to find out where she was. Erio probably had been here longer than her, so she would be a great person to ask!

“Um… Erio-chan, do you know where we are?”

"No no it’s fine, really!" Erio became flustered at the fact that Popura was apologizing and bowing. This made her assume they were both from Japan. Wow that’s the first she’s met in this place since she’s came here!

"Here..? I don’t know much either still but I have heard that this place is called Arcaidos. That’s about all I know. I’m sorry!" 

Erio looked down at her hands out of nervous habit.

"It’s nice to meet you, Popura-san." Erio mutters quietly, smiling to herself. It’s nice to be able to use japanese pronouns with someone again. It made her feel more at home.

"I’m sorry but I’m actually quite curious about what you were praying for near the statue. If thats okay that I know! I mean.. It is kind of personal and all… Maybe I shouldn’t have asked but… yeah.." Erio fumbled her words, still having trouble talking to the girl.

Her blush grew a deeper shade of red as she stared past her hands to her feet. She prayed quietly that she wasn’t going to offend the girl by asking a personal question. She really did hope. She liked Popura a lot already and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her.

☾ Signalling to the heap of junk! [ o p e n ]


“Tch. Where I come from, aliens are pretty damn annoying. Not to mention that they took over the country. Some of them are the lousiest bunch of people you’ll ever meet. Haven’t met a nice alien in my lifetime.” Instead of glaring back at her, he continued to smile. He never really glared at people, until they manage to piss him off by hurting his loved ones. 

“Why are you so interested in aliens, by the way? I mean hey, you can have the magazine. I don’t really care.”

"Are you calling me annoying?!?" Erio was totally off the deep end with this guy. Who does he think he is to insult her kind! Jeez! "I’m not lousy either! And of course i’d be interested in clues about my species! I want to go home just like everyone else."

Why was Erio even wasting time talking to this man? Seriously he was just a piece of work. But Erio pressed on, too angry to even try and stop.

"I can’t believe your attitude!" She yelled and began to stomp on the piles of junk in order to release her anger.

This is absolutely unacceptable behavior for both sides, but Erio was too mad to even care at this point.

She hasn’t been this frustrated with someone in her life.

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